There really is a best espresso machine!

Gaggia Classic gaggia espresso machine

Gaggia Classic - The Gaggia Espresso Machine

We have picked out the best cappuccino and espresso machines sold – on – by evaluating customer reviews from different sites. The machines we feature are all good buys & honestly reviewed.  And we recommend buying through Amazon for their great service and return policy.

So, keeping the range of prices and needs in mind, “best” here means well reviewed, and available on Amazon for a good price. On the pages of this site, you will find the best gourmet coffee maker and espresso makers we came across.

To keep things simple & consistent, we looked in three locations for each product review: Consumer Reports – we paid for a subscription, so you don’t need to!  For years and years CR has been the most objective and reliable source of product reviews, and that reputation is well deserved.Gaggia Classic Espresso Cappuccino Maker Buy

Another go-to site is Coffee Geek:  their reviews are thorough and  go into the techie ins and outs (but occasionally in more detail than I really care about.

My real favorite source of reviews is Amazon. I feel that most of the time, real people are writing about their real experiences, not just espresso savants. So the problems the typical Amazon reviewer experiences relate and the things they appreciate are often ones I identify with as well.

What we do

Rancilio espresso machine - the Silvia

Rancilio espresso machine - the Silvia



We set up pages for the brands/companies that interested us. And for the models that interested us the most – or are quite popular – we have a full review, trying to present the pros and cons as well as random reasons to buy or not.

The main prejudice I allowed myself is that I don’t like pods.  For me, part of my drink is the bean, the feel and smell.  Maybe someday I’ll change my mind, but for now – I’m podless.  But, what can we do: Nespresso has changed the game?  So, we do have a review here of their product as well.

Rancilio Sylvia espresso Maker Buy


Why we love our Italian espresso maker

For me, using an Italian espresso machine just feels right.  Espresso was invented there, and although today it’s all over Europe, and the US, still it’s not a fundamental part of the culture anywhere else.  I won’t say that the best home espresso machine has to be Italian – like I said before, Breville gets a place at the table !  But, it stands to reason that the birthplace of espresso will maintain its unique approach and two centuries later, still have the best home espresso machine models on the market.

We think you’ll find here a great selection of the best cappuccino machine models there are.  Like we said above, we chose them after comparing what customers look for with what garners great reviews on Amazon, so you can be assured that you are looking at quality machines that, when taken care of properly, will reward you with many wakeful moments over the years.  So, look around and enjoy! And be sure to let us know what you think.

Get a Tassimo coffee maker & enjoy your Starbucks fix @ Home – Limited Time offer!!

Bosch Tassimo coffee maker

Tassimo Coffee Maker

We found this great deal on the Tassimo coffee maker Brewbot. Tons of great beverage choices. Same pod/disk idea as the others but cheaper! They are selling this model at left for only $99 with two free packets of 12 disks! Plus you get free shipping on new disks – for life!

Tassimo Coffee Maker Buy

  • 27 kinds of great Starbucks, Gevalia or other coffee disks to choose from.
  • 14 specialty drinks: Starbucks Cappuccino, Macchiato, Latte, and Hot Chocolate & others including teas
  • 25% off two additional T-disk packets when you order the Tassimo Brewbot!
  • No risk! 30 day money back guarantee & you get to drink the coffee!!
  • Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker: Bosch quality engineered for reliability & durability.
  • Click & buy now! While the special offer lasts.
    Tassimo Coffee Maker Buy

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