Cappuccino maker $1,400 & up

There comes a time in every cappuccino drinker’s life when he or she begins to note the differences between the cappuccino from the café and the cup of something that the little home espresso machine makes. Yes, it tastes “almost the same”. Almost, but the flavor isn’t quite there. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if your cappuccino machine could grind the beans, pour the milk right into the cup, and clean up by itself?

Once you start thinking like this, you know that your liking for espresso has turned to love. You are now ready for the best that espresso machines can offer. To get that commercial-quality espresso, why settle for anything less than a commercial-quality espresso machine?

Commercial-grade cappuccino machines are set at a different price point than domestic models because they offer more features. Some common features are timers, pre-programmed beverage options, automated cleaning, and power-saving modes. The design of these larger espresso makers also tend to be more sophisticated, and they are capable of producing several coffee-based drinks within a short time. Higher-end espresso machines are great for catering or entertaining. So look through our great selection, and spread the cappuccino love!

You might see certain espresso machine manufacturers distinguish between domestic product lines and commercial product lines. Domestic espresso makers are usually compact, can make one or two cups of coffee, and involve the espresso machine owner during most of the preparation. Commercial espresso machines, on the other hand, often have larger, more sophisticated construction; are capable of preparing several espresso-based beverages in quick succession; and have automated or programmable steps, freeing the coffee drinker to do other things as his cappuccino is made.

Here are some features that commercial-grade cappuccino machines may have:

  • Coffee bean grinder: While most home espresso machines require coffee that has been pre-ground, commercial machines will have a built-in grinder attached to a receptacle that takes whole beans.
  • Automated brewing: You have a barista in your home when you use a commercial-grade espresso machine. Most have containers for coffee beans, water, and milk – just place your cup, press a button or switch, and the machine will grind, brew, steam, and pour your cappuccino for you. Some manufacturers refer to this as a “bean-to-cup” or “direct-to-brew” method.
  • Portion control: Single or double espresso shot? Less milk or more? Commercial-grade espresso machines give you fine control over what goes into your cup, with a touch of a button.
  • Self-cleaning features: Higher grades of espresso machines will automatically remove used coffee grounds after espresso preparation. Decalcifying (or descaling) machine parts that come in contact with water, is usually more tedious for domestic-grade machines. Commercial-grade machines often have built-in programs that partially automate the descaling process.
  • Power-saving modes: Commercial machines may offer standby or automatic shutdown options, making them ideal for office or entertainment settings.

Commercial espresso machines are stylish, durable, feature-rich, and serve up cappuccinos as fast as you can push a button. If you desire a true café experience in your home, a commercial-grade espresso and cappuccino maker is a worthwhile investment.