Cappuccino maker $750 to $1,399

A standard coffee machine and ordinary grade coffee is no longer acceptable in any quality restaurants and coffee houses – so why should your home be any different? Investing in a quality cappuccino maker comparable to a commercial espresso machine is now well within reach. Smart home-baristas as well as informed restaurateurs will shop for a Cappuccino machine by both price and brand. Established brands like Delonghi, Gaggia, and Saeco have developed and refined innovations in the espresso machine that you will appreciate. Look for both quality and ease of operation when shopping on line for a cappuccino maker. Look for multiple cup, swivel frothers, and easy maintenance when pricing your next expresso machine. It will only take a few days to appreciate the quality a commercial espresso machine can bring to your home – or your business.

If you want to skip those espresso makers that are just placed on your counter, gathering dust, then consider some things before you could purchase one.

Before purchasing a cappuccino maker, you have to know the things to consider in getting one.

  • Design- You want a cappuccino maker that looks great just sitting on your counter.
  • Know the facts- Do you research – Amazon is our favorite place – and find a cappuccino machine that meets all your needs.
  • Who are you making it for? If it’s just for you – a single shot model will do well. If you and your partner are up at the same time… you may need a larger one. And if you serve only at parties, then you need a robust model.

Benefits of a cappuccino machine:

  • No more waiting in line at Starbucks!
  • Great cappuccino in the comfort of your home
  • Many of the new models have settings so you can have your coffee waiting for you when you crawl into the kitchen.
  • If you invest in quality, these espresso makers are cheaper in the long run.

Models to consider:

  • Nespresso- The hands down favorite in the USA, this model is easy to set up and clean up and the pods get rave reviews.
  • DeLonghi – is the most famous of the great Italian brands.
  • Gaggia will also provide you with a quality crema and is an espresso machine to show off to your friends about.