Turn your espresso into an “express-oh!” with Jura Capresso or Capresso coffee makers. The trademark ThermoBlock heating system exerts more than 15 bars of pressure, extracting the greatest coffee scent and flavor. The Capresso line has cappuccino machines such as the Espresso Classic Luxe, which features an espresso pod adapter. This effectively turns your Capresso into a pod coffee maker, giving you greater value and fewer cleanups.

The Capresso site says what we all know – that buying a cappuccino daily can cost you over $1,400 a year. But for just 50 cents, and some versatile, reliable coffee-making equipment, you can enjoy the same taste of cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and more in the comfort of your own home. Capresso’s strict design and quality standards means a coffee maker that looks lovely in your kitchen and is a delight to use. A Capresso cappuccino machine is an investment that gives you great returns, and can be enjoyed every day.

Jura and Capresso teamed up a few years ago to combine their expertise. The results are before you in the acclaimed series of cappuccino makers, displayed below.

In 1994, Capresso Inc. was founded with a vision to produce coffee-making equipment for the true coffee lover. The company’s award-winning products reflect its dedication to design, engineering, and its commitment to the satisfaction of coffee drinkers everywhere. Capresso’s cappuccino machines have features such as the ThermoBlock high-pressure extraction system and the Dual Frother to steam and froth milk to top that perfect cup. Most of the Capresso models have a grinder, and can be used with whole coffee beans, but models such as the Espresso Classic Luxe and Espresso Pro have pod adapters, so they can be used as pod coffee makers.

Coffee maker pods are ground coffee portions enclosed in packages which are about as wide as an espresso filter. The packages may be made of paper, foil, or other material. Pods are sometimes referred to as coffee pads or coffee capsules. They aren’t difficult to find — most stores selling whole-bean or ground coffee also carry coffee pods.

Pod coffee makers are a convenient option for those who love coffee and want to enjoy an authentic cappuccino — sans measuring, grinding, and cleanup, that is! After enjoying your freshly-brewed cup, just let the cappuccino machine cool, and then take out the used pod. That’s it! No filters or coffee grounds to worry about.

Whether you are new to the world of coffee enjoyment, or a knowledgeable coffee gourmet, Capresso’s product lines give you a wide range of options. There’s the Impressa, with its One-Touch Cappucino system. Just place your cup, press the button, and your cappuccino is made right before your eyes! Another Capresso line, the Ena, is called the “World’s Slimmest Bean-to-Cup Automatic Coffee Center”. It grinds, brews, self-cleans, and even saves power with its unique Zero-Energy-Technology. The Ultima Espresso model is no less intelligent — it automatically tamps coffee and discards used grounds. And with its patented Dual Frother feature, making that perfect cappuccino at home is much easier.