Delonghi EC155 Espresso Maker

The DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker is hands-down the most popular cappuccino machine on Amazon.  It has close to 500 reviews, over 80% of which are overwhelmingly positive (4 or 5 stars).   You will not make a mistake if you buy this machine, as long as your expectations are in line with the product.Delonghi ec155 espresso machine

Meaning – this is an espresso machine that sells for under $100.  If you keep that in mind – and you treat it correctly – you will be satisfied with it.  Problems may arise if you compare the coffee from your EC155 to your friend’s Silvia – it’s not going to be as good.  And – that’s OK.  You wouldn’t try and drag race a Fiat next to a Maserati, would you?  But you can still enjoy the Fiat.  Coffee isn’t a contest.
DeLonghi EC155
Make sure to use good coffee, and experiment with the grinds, tamping, etc.  until you find what works for you.  And – at this price – you can afford to get two of them.  We keep saying we’ll put one in the bedroom, so we can have a getaway from the kids.

Two things to remember for any new espresso machine:  run it through a half dozen times and toss out the coffee.  Then make one for yourself.  And follow the machine directions!

Product Features and Specifications

The Delonghi EC155 Espresso Maker stands approximately 7.5 by 9.5 by 11 inches, and all functions are controlled by a single selector knob. But don’t let the compact appearance of this Delonghi espresso machine fool you, for it packs a 15-bar pump. This is the ideal pressure to extract the greatest flavor and aroma from your coffee grounds. Its cup tray can hold two espresso cups, as this espresso maker can prepare two servings at once with its two-cup filter. The Delonghi EC155 also comes with a one-cup espresso filter, which can be used for ground coffee or ESE espresso pods.


Category price range:  $79.99 – $150

This product:   $79.99 at

Product Rating:

Amazon review summary: 397 positive (4 or 5), 62 negative (2 or less), 31 neutral (3)

Last 5 reviews: 4 Positive , 1 Negative

The Positives:

Overall, enthusiastic reviews for the price.  Almost 400 positive reviews is a huge number, and they have been consistent for the last few years.  People are happy with the coffee that comes from this machine.
DeLonghi EC155
The Negatives:

The DeLonghi Espresso Maker takes a while to warm up in the morning – you need to allow for 10 – 15 minutes many folks said.  And there were some comments about the strength of the coffee, but it seems like this was mostly a function of people not knowing how to use it properly.

The reviews – on Amazon, Consumer Reports, and CoffeeGeek  – often mention machines that work well for under 1 year at best, and especially on Amazon and CoffeeGeek – uncaring customer service.   Be aware of this, but remember this is a low end machine and may need extra care to keep in perfect running condition.

The Bottom Line:

An excellent choice for a first espresso machine if you are on a low budget.  
DeLonghi EC155