DeLonghi Espresso Machines

Folks, I gotta tell you – stay away from DeLonghi.

The reviews on the sites that I check on Amazon, Consumer Reports, and CoffeeGeek mostly mention machines that work well for under 1 year at best, and especially on Amazon and CoffeeGeek – uncaring customer service.  Consumer reports gives the machine high technical ratings, but the actual reviews show a machine that just doesn’t stand up over time.

That’s it.  I took down the review from this page.  I’ll leave the products up, but don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Espresso coming up! Delonghi espresso maker makes the best!

A Delonghi espresso machine will make your day stress free with a sip of deliciously made espresso right in the easy comfort of your kitchen.

Features of a Delonghi espresso machine:

  • 7.5 cup reservoir- makes the machine easy to use. All you have to do is take it, fill your cup. And you’re done!
  • Large container- containers large enough in making two to three cups of espresso.
  • Automatic timer- Put your espresso today and save the rest the next two days.

The two most famous model delonghi espresso maker are:

  1. Delonghi ec155

    • 15 bar machine driven by a pump- drives hot water into your espresso, 15 times compared to the normal pressure of the air.
    • Ec155 could use E.S.E pods- it has a dual filter. E.S.E means Easy Serve Espresso and that is what this type of maker provides. It also eliminates the need for tamping down grounds of the espresso on a normal filter cup as well as cleaning the grounds with your bare hands after brewing.
    • Jet frother for your cappuccino! – ec155 has an adjustable jet frother swivel that mixes milk with the stem. You just have to pour milk on a metal pitcher and put it under its frother and you will get a creamy forth that you will pour on the espresso.
  2. Delonghi ec5

    • Steam driven Delonghi espresso maker- you will have the right temperature for your cappuccino just in time!
    • Swivel jet frother- It produces a thick froth
    • 2 cup adapter- makes two cups of espresso simultaneously! Enjoy less hassle in preparing thick froth espresso.
    • Durable glass carafe- it has an eight and a half ounce glass carafe that is resistant to heat and which will ensure you that you will have a safe way of preparing your espresso.
    • On and Off with light indicator- it has a safety cap as well as a large and removable tray