Gaggia Coffee Machines

Gaggia coffee machines are the answer, if you require true, classic cappuccino. Italian (what else?) manufacturer Gaggia is the industry leader in innovation and quality, and even today a Gaggia espresso maker is the symbol of Italian coffee quality. The company founder, Achille Gaggia, has often been called the father of the modern espresso machine, earning the first patents on the type of machines still in use today. The crema – the lovely brown foam on top of a fresh espresso – is a direct result of Gaggia’s innovation.

A Gaggia coffee maker employs the latest technology, housed in stylish state-of-the-art machines. And they run the gamut of uses:  There are professional models used by classic Milanese coffee shops – the finest coffee houses in the world (in my opinion).   And some Gaggia coffee makers are designed and priced for home and personal use. The commercial espresso machines incorporate the newest technology and highest standards, which then trickles down to the best home espresso machine styles. All Gaggia coffee machine and espresso makers feature cutting edge features and superior design. Bring quality home with Gaggia – the best home coffee maker you can buy.

A great Gaggia espresso machine description should include personal experience with the product, but we don’t have one at home, unfortunatel. In the meantime, go out and get a Gaggia classic espresso machine.  It’s one of the most economical and practical coffee investments you can make.  The Gaggia Titanium espresso machine is a real beauty – solid, brushed steel.  Something to be proud of, on your counter.