La Pavoni

Desiderio Pavoni’s design for an espresso coffee machine was patented in Milan, Italy, in 1902, and La Pavoni was founded three years later. La Pavoni’s Ideale espresso machine was responsible for popularizing coffee drinking in espresso bars. This practice spread through Italy, then Europe, and then the whole world.

Today La Pavoni produces both domestic and commercial lines of espresso cappuccino machines. Its well-known designs, such as the traditional lever of the Europiccola and Stradivari models, never go out of style. In fact, one traditional lever espresso machine, the Professional, can be seen at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Yet it may be misleading to say “traditional”, since these models are capable of making cappuccinos, teas, and more!

La Pavoni is moving its espresso machines forward with innovations such as thermoplastic materials and semiautomatic machines. For coffee lovers who are looking for cappuccino makers with modern Italian style, La Pavoni has models such as the futuristic-designed Cellini with its active cup-warming plate; and the Espresso Si, with its special Turbo Cappuccino attachment. With a La Pavoni espresso maker in your home, you have an object of lasting style that makes true Italian coffee.